About me

I am the Co-Founder and CEO at a startup that provides AI solution to customer service. Its product can diagnose customer problems and propose solutions automatically. It can also increase the productivities of human service agents, and discover deep insights about customers' concerns through its proprietary natural language processing analytics and deep learning algorithms. We are accepting new clients, and would love to improve your customer service and increase your business. For more information, please contact me.

Previously, I was a research staff member at IBM Watson Research center, and I was one of the main inventors of the Watson question answering system that beat the best human contests on Jeopardy!. The success of Watson question answering system kick started IBM's $1 billion investment in the Watson division.

In 2015, I taught a graduate class at Columbia University with Liangliang Cao on deep learning for computer vision and natural language processing. The class resulted in at least one publication at a top tier conference and one startup.

During my graduate studies, I was one of the main contributors to Project Halo question answering system that that passed the AP chemistry test. Project Halo was funded by Vulcan Inc, and eventually became part of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

My research interests include:

Recent Updates

[4/2017] Gave a talk at the NYU Future Lab AI Summit

[08/2016] customersericeai.com now is rebranded as HelloVera

[12/2016] We joined the NYU AI Nexus program

[08/2016] customersericeai.com website is online!

[07/2016] Our paper Building Joint Spaces for Relation Extraction is presented at IJCAI 2016

[02/2016] Our paper Poker-CNN: A Pattern Learning Strategy for Making Draws and Bets in Poker Games is presented at AAAI 2016

[05/2015] Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing class is over, and congratulations to the Deep Learning Idol Award winners!